Our Team

Karen England


Karen, with an impressive track record spanning almost three decades, stands as an unwavering advocate against the sexualization of children and the presence of inappropriate content within educational settings. Her visionary initiative, "Take Back the Classroom," carries the transformative potential to empower parents and citizens alike, inspiring informed action and instigating positive change. With a wealth of expertise and unparalleled courage, Karen emerges as the go-to person whenever challenges arise, fearlessly confronting district or governmental opposition.

Becky Zin


Meet Becky, a dynamic advocate who caught Karen's attention at a school board meeting, where her fervent dedication extended beyond her own children to champion the rights of all children. Fearlessly speaking out where others remain silent and fearlessly taking on injustices when others turn away, Becky has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. As our versatile "Jane of all trades," she seamlessly navigates web design, social media management, graphic design, and sparks our team with a constant stream of innovative ideas.



Jazmine, a former government contractor turned passionate mother advocate, teamed up with Karen, utilizing her outstanding organizational skills. What initially started as a personal passion project, driven by Jazmine's determination to secure a safer future for her children, has now evolved into a transformative career opportunity. Collaborating closely with the creative minds of Becky and Karen, Jazmine adeptly ensures that all endeavors remain focused, well-coordinated, and effectively on track.