The Big Bath House

The Big Bath House
Kyo Maclear
ISBN 978-0-59318-195-9

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The Big Bath House, a book intended for students in grades 3-5, includes graphic images of fully nude adults and children bathing together. While the author calls our concern “grouchy cultural conservatism,” this book deserves some serious scrutiny.

Various cultures may differ about what constitutes acceptable behavior between children and adults, but we must ask ourselves why a school librarian in the United States would promote this type of story/activity when it is clearly not culturally normative.

In a book review written by the Liberal School Library Journal, we read that “This is a warm celebration of a particular aspect of culture that may still be unfamiliar to some children.” May still be unfamiliar? This “aspect of culture” is wholly unknown to most American children, and most families object to their elementary-aged students having access to depictions of full female nudity in any context. Parents understand that the fifth-grade boy who checks out this book will not be interested in increasing his cultural awareness.

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